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LocalReach Ltd was first established in 2010 to publish an A5 monthly community magazine in Burnham-on-Sea, Berrow & Highbridge. LocalReach Ltd is a wholly independent company run as a small family business. Since its beginning, LocalReach has expanded to publishing several magazines, designing websites and offering a leaflet delivery service.


Our advertisers find LocalReach works for them by providing regular enquiries for work. That is why the majority stay with us month in, month out. LocalReach provides a very

cost-effective way to win new, local business.


We also offer a trusted and reliable leaflet delivery service. If you have ever tried to push a leaflet through a letterbox, you'll know that it's hard; usually it crumples up or tears! However, our own local delivery team insert our customers' leaflets in the centre of our magazines before delivery, ensuring they stay crisp and clean once posted through the letterbox. The idea is also that when the magazine hits the doormat, the leaflets fall out and are seen by the potential customer.


Alongside the leaflet delivery, we can offer a very cost-effective print and design service. It's so important that your advert or flyer is built in the right way to gain maximum response, and so our service will provide this for you.

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